Thursday, January 7, 2010

COLOR of my life

Welcome 2010!!! Goodbye 2009.

My 2009 was so amazing. Full of colours. Why?? Here it goes....

My lecturer forced me to send an essay on 'How ICT Can Change Your Country'.
I did write it for about 500 words and I’m not expecting to be chosen to represent our country in Geneva, Switzerland during the ITU Telecom World 2009.
Only 2 people, a girl and a boy will be chosen from each country in the world.
I didn’t get any news from them as the event will take place in about 2 weeks time.
Maybe it is not my luck.

Then, suddenly, during the first day of Eid, I got an email from them. I was so happy. It is a chance of a lifetime.
The flight ticket and the lodging were paid and we even got the pocket money.
I can see how colourful the world when we gathered in the hotel. With so many faces, great laugh from youth all over the world.
Everyone was introducing herself / himself and learning cultures from each other.
Although we came from different countries, different languages, we still can have a big laugh and hang out together like best friends.
One day, we were asked to wear our national costumes for the opening ceremony.
Proudly, I wore a Baju Melayu.
Seeing others, I realized how beautiful this world is.
Even better if we live together in peace.
The Latin Americans with their hats and skirts, the Japanese with their kimonos, the Indians with their sarees, salwar kameez and kurtas and the Africans with their unique attire.
Everyone enjoyed taking pictures together.
It was the most colourful day of my life.

Sadly, the event has finally ended.
10 days in Geneva was really amazing.
The people, places, weather; they were all great.
All of us went back our countries, bringing the knowledge and experience, waiting to be shared with the family and friends.
Our friendship that was built for the last 10 days does not end just like that.
We are still keeping in touch via email and Facebook until now and hoping it will last forever.
Hoping to see each other again, someday.


Kancilbiru said...

hang p Geneva??? wewitt~~

Hajar Izzati said...

x sangke bley terpilih,...
ko bwat baik2 tau..

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