Saturday, January 16, 2010


yup ,  today im wanna write my entry in english eventhough my writing is like ' meredah laut menggunakan sampan ' but as long as i wanna to try that is not the problem . ahahaha .

even im not good in english and my grammar also ' tahap rendah ' , but i'm try my best to make all of  u got a fully understanding . if i dont start it now , how can i improve my english . ahaha . it is because if i'm write it to my teacher , i know that the only highest mark that i can get only D okay !

so , that's only a ' mukadimah ' 

about the title , yes today 16th january 2010 i was invited by samsung to attend thier carnival kanibal   sunway lagoon  to ' merebut ' cash prize and also a handphone . aiyaa..that 's a good opportunity for me. aahaa..mana mampu nak bali maa..

so ,  to all nuffnangers that are also been invited , good luck and hope to see u there .


CikLilyPutih said...

jeles tau ko dpt pegi...
anyway good luck tau! tembak je si Bean dgn Abg Nara kite tu.. hehehe

Jard The Great said...

laa.. ingatkan da hapdet.. cess

ween malas log-in said...

HAHA I'm waiting for ur new update.

bettYone said...

astaga~ hg ni mmg nak kena tau aus!;D boleh pulak mewar2kan mende alah tu..adoi~ btw..cepat aa update adik aus oi..leh la menang corby;)

Matjoe said...

ok jer english tu. mmg kene selalu tulih dlm english baru laa fasih

Aus said...

@ matjoe

ahaha..xreti la eden..

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